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Детский тест по английскому языку

Знание английского данным тестом определяется исходя из 6-ти уровней владения языком:

  • Beginner
  • Elementary
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper-Intermediate
  • Advanced
Данный тест предназначен для детей школьного возраста, которые только начали изучать английский язык или уже имеют неплохую языковую базу. Он позволит Вам проверить Вашего ребенка и узнать насколько эффективны занятия, которые он посещает.

1.Tom is Mrs Black's son.
She is his daughterHe is her sonShe is her sonHe is his son

2.Which sentence is correct?
A old woman lives near me.An old women lives near my house.A young woman live near my houseThe old woman lives near me

3.Listen to ______ sister
she and she'sher and herher and sheshe and her

4.Which sentence is correct
These are lessons, too.This is tho lessons.This is second lesson.This is lesson the second.

5.Which sentence is correct
Pat can to have Jims' hat.Pat can have Jim's hat.Pat can have Jim hat.Pat to have Jims' hat.

6._____ the room!
Don't going toNot to go inDon't go intoNot go into!

7.Lynn _______ television every evening.

8.Pat and Jane are _____ her.
clever thanas clever asclever thatso clever as

9.Which sentence is correct?
What age has sheHow many years has she?How old she is?How old is she?

10.There wasn't _____ in the garden.
some peopleanybodyany peopleno persons

11.Bob's ______
shorter than I'mthe shorter than theyshorter than themthe shorter than me

12.Are the papers in your room? Yes, my mother _____ yesterday.
put them thereput it thereputs them thereputs it there

13.Last year ____ to Canada.
went MaryMary wasMary wentdid Mary go

14.Last summer I taught ____ a bicycle.
to my cousin ridemy cousin ridemy cousin to ridemy cousin riding

15.Jill, what _____ tommorrow evening?
will you to doare you going doare you doingdo you

16.When ____ his homework
Tom usually doesusually does Tomdoes Tom usuallydoes Tom usually do

17.I spoke to ____ people at the bus-stop
a pairmucha fewanother

18.What sort of car shall I get?
Don't get an English one!Don't get any one English!Get none English!Get no English!

19.____ these girls do you know?
Who areWhat ofWhich ofHow many

20.Yesteday John ____ the bus.
waited for ten minuteswaited ten minutes forwas expecting ten minutesexpected for ten minutes

21.Mary bought _____.
to Peter a penfor Peter a pena pen to Petera pen for Peter

22.______ work no Saturdays.
Sometimes didn't INever didn'tSometimes I didn'tNever I didn't

23.How many times have you been?
Twice.Two months.One times.Quite much.

24.It's five months _____ to our new house.
that we moved ussince we movedsince then we movedthat we move

25.Hello, Janice! Tell me what ______ here today.
do you dotakes youyou doyou're doing

26.A dog tan in front of my mother's car and she _____ stop very quickly.
ought tohad tomusthad better

27.I didn't see any animals. I don't think ______ in the park.
there were anythey were any onesthere were any onesthey were any

28.My mother usually has _____ bed.
breakfast inthe breakfast in thethe breakfast inbreakfast in the

29.The girl ______ mother was ill was crying.
whichof whomof whichwhose

30.I have a _____ paper in my desk.
losslotlittle oflittle

31."Can't you read?" Mary said, _____ to the notice.
and angrily pointingangrily pointedand pointed angrypointing angrily

32.It's dark without the lights. Let's _____.
swith on themturn them onto switch them onto turn on them

33.Everybody ______ in bed.
has to spend some timehas to spend sometimeshave to spend sometimeshave to spend some time

34.I've thrown away my old trousers. I'll have to by _____.
a new onea new pairsome newsome new pair

35.Kim and Tony weren't the only people in the garden. There _____.
was someone morewas anotherwere some otherswere some other ones

36.If i had closed the window, the thief ______.
would not have got inhas not got inhad not got inwould not get in

37.I've been told to investigate, so I ______ ask you some questions.
am wanting towouldwant towould to

38.How _______?
was the thief getting indid the thief get inthe thief got inhas the thief got in

39.If people ______ their houses properly, the police wouldn't have so much work to do.
looked afterlooks afterhave looked aftershould look after

40.I rang him up before _____ for Rome.
to leaveto go outleavingleave

41.Ask him to go to the post office _____ some stamps.
that he getsin order he getsto getfor getting

42.She cut the cloth with _____ scissors.
a couple oftwoa pair ofa

43.The children _____ play with them.
are waiting that iwant me forwant that iwant me to

44.John is _____.
ane friend of minea friend minea friend of minea friend of me

45.She's going to the photographer's ______.
to have taken her photographthat he takes her photographto take her photographto have her photograph taken

46.______ of them knew about plan because it was secret.
SomeNo oneNoneAny

47.Mont Blanc, _____ we visited last summer, is the highest mountain in Europe.

48.The question is _____ difficult for me.
so muchtoo muchenoughtoo

49.Good _____ ! I hope you win the race.

50.Look what Father _______ me when he came from work.

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