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Сленговые словари английского языка

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Слово или фраза Значение
beaver Noun. The female genitals, implying the inclusion of pubichair. [Orig. U.S.]
Verb To work hard. {Informal}
beaver (noun, slang) Vagina - Usage: Sexual slang, vulgar. For example; Show me your beaver, love. Etymology: Probably from furry skin of animal of similar name Pronounciation: Bee-vah
beaver a common term for 'vagina'. American origin.
beaver cleaver Noun. Penis. See 'beaver' (noun).
beaver leaver Noun. A homosexual male. Due to not being interested in'beaver' and leaving it alone. See 'beaver' (noun).
beaver lever Noun. Penis. See 'beaver' (noun).
bed hair Noun. Dishevelled hair, as may result from a good night'ssleep.
beddable Adj. Sexually desirable, from being good enough to take tobed.
Bedfordshire Noun. Bed or bedtime. [1700s]
bedsit Noun. Abb. of bed-sitter or bed-sitting room. A small apartmentwhereby the bedroom also serves as a sitting room (living room).{Informal}
bee stings Noun. Small breasts. Derog.
bee's knees Noun. The best. This term originates from the prolific slang ofthe Flappers along with the similar 'cats whiskers'. Cf. 'dogs bollocks'.[Orig. U.S. 1920s]
Beeb Noun. 1. The commonly used nickname for the BBC (BritishBroadcasting Corporation), the nationally owned television production andbroadcasting company. {Informal}
2. Nickname for the BBC Microcomputer, an early form of home computer from the 1980s.
beef Noun. 1. Muscly, strong looking males. {Informal}
2. Acomplaint, a grievance, problems (with something). E.g."If you've got abeef about the decision, then fill in the appropriate appeal forms."[Orig. U.S.]
beef (noun, noncount) well-built male - used by both the heterosexual and homosexual communities. 'Mary gets turned on by beef.'
Beef A disciplinary charge, as to "catch a beef."
beef (something) up Vrb phrs. To increase in size or volume; basically to makestronger. E.g."Once he'd beefed up his engine, his car was unbeatable onthe track."
beef bayonet Noun. The penis.
beef bayonet a playful name for penis.
beef curtains Noun. The female genitals. [Orig. U.S.]
beef curtains (noun) offensive term for the female genitals - using this term to describe an induvidual girls parts, when she is present will invite quite a lot of abuse, as it alludes to a female being well packed and not very clean, i.e. 'Mary, I bet when you're in the shower with the window open, your beef curtains flap around in the wind' followed by a slap and a thud as john hits the floor.
beef curtains another vulgar term for a woman's 'bits'.
beemer B.M.W. car - He just bought a new beemer to drive to work in.
beemer Noun. A BMW automobile. Cf. 'bimmer'.
beer baby Noun. A protruding belly, from drinking excessive amounts ofbeer, that makes its owner look pregnant.
beer belly Noun. A bulging stomach caused by drinking large quantitiesof beer.
beer goggles Noun. The impaired judgement from the excessive consumption ofalcohol (beer) that makes an otherwise unappealing person or thing seemattractive. E.g."I was obviously wearing beer goggles last night; when Iawoke and saw who I'd brought home the previous night I nearly threw up,she had 3 eyes, a green beard and tentacles coming out of the top of herhead." [1990s]
beer monster a laddish heavy drinker (normally young). i.e. "Did you see Dave from accounts at the Christmas party ? That bloke is a complete beer monster !".
beer o'clock Noun. The time one feels is most appropriate for somealcoholic refreshment , such as beer. Often used specifically to mean theend of the working day.
beer scooter Noun. The supposed transport one must have taken to get homewhen very drunk and as there is no recollection of how one did get home.[1990s]
beer tits Noun. Fatty deposits on the breasts of a male, arising throughexcessive beer drinking. Cf. 'bitch tits'.
beer tokens Noun. Money.
bees and honey Noun. Money. Rhyming slang.
beetle Verb. To hurry. E.g."I've just spent 2 hours beetling aroundthe shopping precinct looking for a gift for Mick." {Informal}
beggar Noun. Euphemism for 'bugger'.
begging for it Vrb phrs. A general comment on a person's supposed, if notactual, yearning for sexual intimacies. E.g."Cor, look at her! She'sbegging for it."
behave ! pron. 'bee-ave'. Meaning 'sort yourself out', 'stop being silly'. Can be used in an agressive manner as if to say 'stop doing that, or else'. Also, in these post Austin Powers days can be 'oooh behave !".
bejesus! Exclam. An Anglo-Irish corruption of the exclamation byJesus! Expressing surprise or annoyance.
BELAY stop; quit.
bell Verb. To telephone (someone). E.g."I'll bell you tonight withthe news."
bell a telephone call. eg "give us a bell later"
bell end tip of the penis - enlish slang, can be used to desribe the body part or as an insult, words should be rung together, as if the second l was the beginging of end,
bell on every tooth Phrs. When applied to a person, noisy, loud. Also a bell inevery tooth. [Welsh use]
bell-end Noun. 1. The head of the penis, being vaguely bell shaped. Alsobellend.
2. A contemptible person, an idiot.
bell-end end of penis. Comes from it's shape. Can be applied to a person as an insult "You total bell-end!".
belly timber Noun. Food. [Early 1700s]
belly-ache Noun. A complaint. {Informal}
Verb. To complainpersistently.
belly-up Adj. 1. Dead.
2. Failed, bankrupt.
belt Verb. To hit.
Noun. 1. A hit. E.g."If you don't shutup moaning I'll give you a belt 'round the head."
2. A drink, byextension of meaning 1. E.g."Have a belt of that brandy, it'll warm youup."
belt up! Verb. Be quiet! Shut up!

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