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Сленговые словари английского языка

Словари:  Все   Австралийский сленг   Сленг американских солдат   Английский тюремный сленг   Лондонский сленг   Английский сленг   Сленг северо-запада Англии   Американский сленг
Слово или фраза Значение
"had it away on his toes" to run away quickly, usually after 'dodgy' act. e.g.. "I dunno where John is, must 'ave 'ad it away on his toes".
"have a banana !" a silly cockney interjection, usually inserted into a song.
'andsome (handsome)
'ave it Verb. Go for it. See 'have it'
'eck as like Exclam. Used as a denial in phrases such as "did I eck aslike!", "will he eck as like!" etc. Actually stands for heck aslike.[Midlands/Northern use]
'er indoors the wife. Meaning the one at home. Made popular by the character Arthur Dailey from the TV series 'Minder'.
(a good) hiding to get beaten up. e.g.. "If you don't shut it I'll give you a good hiding !".
(a right) Charlie short for 'Charlie Ronce'
(a) bun in the oven meaning pregnant. eg "Did you know she's got a bun in the oven ?".
(a) nasty piece of work Noun. An unpleasant and devious person. Derog. E.g."Don't lendthat Nick Cotton any money, he's a nasty piece of work, and you'll neverget it back."
(a) night (out) on the tiles a late night out, usually drunk.
(a) proper do Noun. A first class social event. E.g."It was a proper do withtuxedos and ballgowns."
(a) right Charlie see Charlie Ronce and ponce.
(a) right one Noun. A foolish or eccentric person. {Informal}
(badly) sussed what someone might say if they catch you out. For example if you disagree with someone on a point and are then proved wrong the other person might say "Badly sussed mate !".
(cor) blimey corruption of the oath 'God blind me'. Used as an exclamation. Also used in the form "blimey O'Riley".
(do a) runner leave an area unexpectedly, or the scene of a crime promptly. e.g. "Where that bastard gone ? I bet he's done a runner !".
(do me a) lemon a popular phrase that I have had trouble finding a firm meaning for. I understand it to mean "do me a favour !" and can only think 'lemon' must be short for the Rhyming Slang for 'lemon flavour'
(do the) off /frank to leave, "I'm gonna do the off". To 'do the Frank' is Modern Rhyming Slang for Frank Bough (off), "I'm gonna do the Frank".
(don't give) a monkey's chuff/arse/fuck/balls/fart a term sometimes shortened to 'a monkey's' means you couldn't care less. e.g.. "I couldn't give a monkey's if she leaves tomorrow".
(it's) early days Phrs. Too soon to know whether a situation is correct or howthings will turn out. E.g."It's early days. We can't possibly know if thewar in Iraq will change the country for the better." [Informal]
(old) joanna a cockney term for piano. Pron. 'pianna'.
(on your) Todd short for Todd Sloane, Rhyming Slang for 'own'. After the famous jockey. e.g. "There's you lot having a wild time and I'm left here all on me' Todd".
(one's) dogs are barking Phrs. (One's) feet are tired and aching. E.g."Do you mind if Isit down, my dogs are barking!"
(Sir) Anthony Blunt Rhyming Slang for 'cunt'.
(the) berries Noun. The best. Also 'the berrys'. [Scottish use]
(the) best thing since sliced bread Phrs. Good luck!
(the) big E Noun. Dismissal, rejection. From the metaphorical use of elbow(E), in rejecting someone. See 'give someone the elbow'.
(the) Bill Noun. The police. Cf. 'old bill'.
(the) bollocks Noun. The best, a thing or situation of excellence. Abb of'dog's bollocks'.
(the) bum's rush Noun. Forced ejection or dismissal. [Orig. U.S.]
(the) business Noun. 1. The best. E.g."That new Mini Cooper from BMW is thebusiness."
2. Sexual intercourse. E.g."I was doing the business withher all night."
(the) business seriously good/wicked/cool. eg "You wanna see Daves new motah, it's the business !".
(the) cold shoulder Noun. The act of deliberately ignoring. Derived from the s.e.verb - to cold shoulder. E.g."She smiled straight at me but I gaveher the cold shoulder."
(the) crack of sparrow's fart Noun. Dawn, or specifically the crack of dawn. E.g."Iwas out of bed at the crack of sparrow's fart this morning."
(the) dogs another name for a greyhound racing stadium ("I'm just off to the dogs") or short for the dogs bollocks.
(the) dogs bollocks a term used to denote something that is 'the best' or exceptional. eg "Daves new stereo is the dogs bollocks". Sometimes shortened to 'the dogs' or 'the bollocks' and often changed to similar sayings ie. 'the mutts nuts', 'the dogs danglies'.
(the) dreaded lurgy Noun. Any unspecified or indeterminate desease. Jocularuse.
(the) filth the police.
(the) firm a gang of 'dodgy geezers'.
(the) full monty Noun. The complete amount. The Monty is also spelt witha capital M. E.g."No we didn't do the full monty but I think nexttime I can persuade her." See associated article the fullmonty.
(the) fuzz Noun. The police, as an organisation. [Orig. U.S. 1930s]
(the) gee gee's a horse race. To 'have a go on the gee gee's' is to place a bet on a horse.
(the) glad-eye Noun. A look of desire cast at another person. E.g."I thinkyou've got an admirer, that man at the back keeps giving you theglad-eye." {Informal}
(the) hots Noun. A sexual desire.
(the) information superhighway Noun. The rather impassioned and premature title given to theWorld Wide Web. This expression has already lost popularity and rarelyused within the Internet community. [Late 1980s]
(the) life of Riley Noun. The good life. E.g."Ever since they won the lottery andhave stopping working they've been living the life of Riley."
(the) local Noun. One's local drinking establishment, public house, bar.{Informal}
(the) missus Noun. The wife or girlfriend.
(the) nick police station, or prison. e.g.. "He got banged-up in the nick for 6 months".

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